Seminar On practical Security

Welcome to the eighth annual BU RISCS Seminar On practical Security. The seminar meets Fridays during the summer (June 1 - August 24, 2018) from noon-1pm in PHO 339.

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The intent of the seminar is to focus on practical elements of security, including implementation, offensive and defensive approaches, and even physical security: the type of security that is typically represented in less academic hacker conferences such as BLACKHAT, DEFCON, BSIDES, SHMOOCON, or the Chaos Computing Congress. Such practical areas of security have still weakly permeated the academic community, and yet the academic world can provide a lot of needed guidance and fundamental thinking, in addition to getting some grounding in real-world challenges.

All elements of practical security are in scope for this seminar. For example, entropy-reducing attacks on current implementations of random-number generators are appropriate, whereas a novel cryptosystem predicated on the ability of pigs to fly might not be (unless, of course, you provide a demonstration of said pigs).

Seminar list

A presentation icon (presentation) denotes an accompanying slideshow provided by the speaker.

Date Speaker 1 Speaker 2
June 1 AriTrachtenberg: Agenda AriTrachtenberg: EfAil presentation
June 8 Nabeel Younis: ZkLedger presentation Ari Trachtenberg: StlAlgorithms
June 15 Manuel Egele: CyberCrimeMoney Trishita Tiwari: DistributedWebMining presentation
June 22 William Blair: HotFuzz Sarah Scheffler: PrivacyPass presentation
June 29 Boyou Zhou: HPCMalwareDetection presentation Mayank Varia: SignalReview
July 6 Bowen Song: PhyCloak presentation Alex Oleinik: ZenIds
July 13 M. Anas Imtiaz: BitcoinAnonimity presentation Johannes Becker: SmartphoneSdrs
July 20 Sadullah Canakci: TeeFuzz Trishita Tiwari: DeviceFingerprinting presentation
July 27 Lucy Qin: DetectingMisconduct Kacper Wardega: FactoryRobots
August 3 David Li: CellularTracking Yair Kosowsky-Sachs: BrowserCryptojacking
August 10 Nehemiah Dureus: DnaPrivacy Eliezer Pearl: ParterViolenceSpyware
August 17 Jonathan Chamberlain: IPV6Enumeration Aselya Aliyeva: LinuxMalware

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